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Hello! Maybe tomorrow to do a full car check?

Good day. Please leave your phone number to communicate, the administrator will call you back and write you to the necessary work.

To carry out engine diagnostics 1.6 ton? Price? And when is it possible?

Hello. I'm not an employee. I'm a client. You need to call the salon and ask this question to them ?

Price Volkswagen Polo?

Pretty acceptable

Tell me, how many days do you need to wait for the call of your operator in order to sign up for a scheduled?

Good day. Leave your phone, we'll call you back. Or, leave a request to the messenger, we will write you to the m.me/AtlantMKyiv

What time is the first theo in the trade wind

According to the service book. The term of the TO to the end of the 1st year from the date of sale of the car. Or if before, your car will be 15,000 km. What will happen before, runs or will turn out 1 year. You need to sign up a little earlier in order to have time before the expiration date.

golf 7.5 starteam available?

Such a car is not available. But there is in stock. Can we call you? If it's convenient, write us a phone at m.me/AtlantMKyiv Messenger

And how to enter your personal office?

Good day. You can log in to your account at https://amlkv2.atlantm.com

How much does it cost to replace the rear brake pads?

Good day. If you are comfortable, leave your phone number, we will call you back. Replacing the pads depends on your car model, mileage, age of the car. Need more detailed data to calculate. Or, leave us a request on the site: https://www.atlant-m.kiev.ua/kontakty or in the instant messenger m.me/AtlantMKyiv.

Your question has been sent.

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